EST Gee net Net Worth: How He Made His Fortune


Everyone who loves rappers is curious about EST Gee’s net worth. EST Gee is a talented rising star in America’s music industry, known for his skills as a rapper and singer. He shares his music and rap content on his YouTube channel, which has garnered a worldwide fanbase with a strong curiosity about his net worth, annual income, lifestyle, and biography. In this article, we aim to provide comprehensive information about EST Gee for his fans.

EST Gee’s net worth has been steadily increasing. While his fans celebrate his success, many are also amazed by the remarkable growth of his wealth, which exceeded $700 million in 2022. His annual net worth continues to rise over time.

Previous Years’ Net Worth

EST Gee, a famous rapper and YouTuber from America, has received considerable acclaim from his fans and followers. His primary sources of income include his hit songs. His net worth has seen steady growth, starting at $300k in 2018, $400k in 2019, $500k in 2020, $600k in 2021, and reaching $700k in 2022. His net worth has consistently increased by $100k annually.

EST Gee is not only a rapper but also a songwriter. He generates income from album and song sales, as well as from his concert tours.

EST Gee’s Career

In 2016, EST Gee was placed under house arrest for narcotics trafficking. During this time, he found inspiration by watching Lil Baby and decided to pursue a career in rapping. Initially known as “Big Gee,” he eventually adopted the name EST Gee. He released several songs, including his first track, “Stains,” which he uploaded to YouTube.

He gained a significant following through his YouTube channel and later released his own mesmerizing songs and mixtapes. Notable among his works are “EI TORO,” released in June, and “Die Bloody,” released in August 2019. His third project, “Ion Feel Nun,” was released on March 6, 2020, and received immense praise from his fans. Following this success, he signed with the music company CMG (Collective Music Group) and recorded songs with notable artists, including his inspiration, Lil Baby.

EST Gee’s net worth is estimated at $1.13 million per year. His income is derived from the songs he writes, his rapping, and the revenue generated by his monetized YouTube channel, which has over 1.4 million subscribers. He also earns from advertisements on his YouTube channel. As of 2022, EST Gee’s net worth is $700 million.

EST Gee’s Biography

George Albert Stone, known as EST Gee, was born on May 11, 1994, in Louisville, Kentucky. He later moved to Ellington Avenue and Tubman Court. His parents are George Stone and Sheila Stone. His father was involved in criminal activities, and EST Gee’s childhood was primarily supported by his mother. Financial difficulties were a constant in their lives.

In 2022, his mother passed away from leukemia, leaving EST Gee to care for his siblings and manage their finances. Tragically, a week after his mother’s death, his brother was shot and killed on the street.

EST Gee attended St. Xavier High School and was a football enthusiast, earning a scholarship to Indiana State University. However, he couldn’t complete his studies due to a four-month house arrest sentence related to drug trafficking.

While under house arrest, he watched TV shows featuring Lil Baby and found inspiration to start a career in rap. He debuted with several songs and became immensely popular.

Personal Life of EST Gee

EST Gee values his privacy regarding his personal life and does not disclose his marital status on social media. However, it is known that he has a son born in 2019.

In 2016, EST Gee faced legal trouble when he was arrested for trafficking 12 pounds of marijuana. In 2019, he was the victim of a shooting in Atlanta, suffering injuries to his eye and stomach, which required two surgeries. Despite facing numerous challenges, he has become an inspiration for the younger generation.

Famous Music Albums of EST Gee

EST Gee has released numerous music albums and written many songs and raps. His most famous song is “I Still Don’t Feel Nun.” His albums, including “Bloody Man,” “Jumpout Game,” and “Mystery Loves Gee,” have garnered over 1.4 million views. His talent in rapping and singing has played a significant role in increasing his net worth.


EST Gee’s estimated net worth is approximately $1.13 million per year. His primary sources of income include his YouTube channel, song sales, and rapped music. Additionally, he earns from his appearances at musical shows and tours and from songwriting. His YouTube channel also generates income through advertisements. As of 2022, EST Gee’s net worth stands at $700 million.”

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